What are our commitments?

A quality spirulina culture

No additives or preservatives are present in our spirulina. We are a member of the French Spirulina Federation to improve the quality of our production. Thus, the satisfaction of our customers is a priority.

A peasant ecological culture

Our culture is artisanal and respectful of the environment. We do not pollute the soil. Also, the water in our pools does not contain any pesticides. To tell you the truth, we only use ecological products "L'ARBRE VERT" for cleaning floors and equipment.

The Ecocert label

La Spiruline de L'Amandinois farm will be extremely proud to obtain certification from ECOCERT. This step is important to us. Thus, this certification represents further proof of our commitment to you and our respect for the environment.

Support your spirulina maker

We are committed to producing high quality food and defending the interests of artisanal Spirulina against industrial crops and massive imports.