“Saule” Medal for L’Amandinois Spirulina

Amandinois Spirulina awarded by a jury of consumers

On November 5, 2019, our Amandinois Spirulina was awarded by a consumer jury. For more than a year that my activity has been developing, I had the immense joy of receiving the Silver Palm which motivates me for the development of my spirulina activity.

Discover our Spirulina

Medal-winning Spirulina twig

The jury of the Institut de la Sainte-Union de Tournai rewarded my work. The medal is extremely pleasing. In addition, there are consumers who have awarded me. Here, I confess to being very honored.

How is the competition organised?

About twenty producers and restaurateurs are selected. The members of the jury are consumers. The organization of this event is ensured by the two Belgian nature parks in the region.

Spirulina in twig, a unique know-how

It is our unique know-how that has been rewarded, as well as the high quality of our production. Indeed, our aquaculture production site is close to a methanisation unit under the management of my father and my brother. We use this gas to heat our greenhouses. Our culture's water quality is pure. We are also committed to drastic quality controls at each stage of our process.

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