What are the benefits of spirulina?

What are the benefits of spirulina? Discover the virtues of our micro-algae that take care of your body

The benefits of spirulina are summarized in our illustration above. Each of the terms expresses the opinion of our consumers who trust us. Also, let's discover together in more detail the benefits of our 100% natural spirulina.

Our spirulina is produced with respect for the environment

Respectful aquaculture production

First, for spirulina to bring you all of its qualities, it must be produced in a healthy environment. Thus, our aquaculture ponds receive alkaline water from groundwater. Our water is thus regularly analyzed and does not contain any heavy metals.

Ecological greenhouses

The greenhouses that protect our ponds must be heated. So much so that solar energy plays an important role in the development of our green algae. Our waters are not discarded after harvest. So much so that they return to the anaerobic digestion circuit which ensures that temperatures are maintained in cold periods.

What are the benefits of spirulina?

1- Spirulina preserves your physical health

On a daily basis, before exercise or as a dietary supplement, its nutrients are essential to our needs. So much so that it promotes the oxygenation of your muscles. Also, seaweed regulates iron deficiencies.

2- Add pep to your daily life

It's good for health, as dietary supplements help you fight fatigue. Its natural amino acids, vitamin B and antioxidants will accompany you every day.

3- Ideal for vegetarians and vegans

Did you know ? 30 grams of spirulina is equivalent to 100 grams of beef. In addition to iron, the presence of vitamin B12 is essential because it produces red blood cells, fatty acids and amino acids.

4- The virtues of spirulina for your skin and hair

The synthesis of keratin is facilitated by its protein. Also, keratin protects your scalp. To keep your hair strong and supple, spirulina will be your ally.

As well as for your skin, it absorbs toxins and eliminates excess sebum.

5- Synthesis of the benefits of spirulina

Spirulina is a superfood that fights in many countries against malnutrition. In addition, here is a summary of its benefits:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • fight fatigue
  • gives tone and vitality
  • improves blood sugar
  • protects the heart system, liver and kidneys
  • detoxifies the liver
  • lowers cholesterol levels but at the same time increases good cholesterol levels
  • regulates sugar levels
  • improves kidney functions
  • fight against viral infections and allergies
  • treats allergic rhinitis
  • corrects anemia
  • a means of prevention against thyroid disorders
  • anti aging for skin
  • anti-stress for the hair (fight against hair discoloration)
  • detox
  • powerful antiviral properties
  • it strengthens the immune system to fight against certain cancers
  • high protein intake for athletes