Who can consume Spirulina?

Everyone can consume spirulina, except for certain contraindications that we detail.

Each of us can consume spirulina. Certain contraindications will prevent you from doing so. Let's discover together the benefits of peasant blue-green cyanobacteria.

Vegetarians and vegans

As a dietary supplement for vegetarians or vegans, the protein intake rate is 3 times higher than that of meat. Since its protein concentration is 60%. Where a steak contains only 20%.

Spirulina for tired people

Seasonal changes are conducive to fatigue. Also, its nutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins fill deficiencies and restore the energy our body needs.

Spirulina for pregnant women

Thanks to good physical preparation before childbirth and the phycocyanin it contains, labor cramps at the end of labor will be limited. As the woman's body works more intensively, the uterus, the kidneys... According to some studies, a lack of iron can therefore appear during pregnancy. Spirulina can be used as a food supplement to guarantee the proper functioning of the organism of the future mother. Also, it participates in the proper development of the baby's growth before and during breastfeeding.

For growing children and adolescents

From the period of weaning until adolescence, children discovering the world around them consume energy. When breastfeeding stops, babies can consume this source of essential fatty acids that promote growth. Then, to grow well and promote their concentration, blue algae can be a good dietary supplement.

Spirulina for Sports

As you will have understood, iron and protein intake maintain and develop your muscle health. In general, your sports performance will only be improved while promoting blood oxygenation.

A food supplement for our elders

Spirulina fights against osteoporosis, excess cholesterol, hypertension, iron deficiency, menopause. Also, it protects the heart. And finally, its calcium and magnesium fight against bone decalcification.

Without forgetting our Animals

Our Arthrospira platensis, will restore shine to the hair of your favorite animals. As with humans, their vitality and transit will improve.

Who should not consume spirulina?

Spirulina and hemochromatosis

People with too high a ferritin level should also avoid undertaking a spirulina cure. Also, if you have hemochromatosis, a genetic blood disease, the consumption of the latter is contraindicated.

People with phenylketonuria

People suffering from the disorder of amino acid metabolism cannot consume spirulina.

If you have too much uric acid

In this case, spirulina is contraindicated for you.


Obviously if you are allergic to our seaweed, we strongly advise against ingesting it.